Mission Statement

tinydark exists to produce original, memorable games that don't compromise our ethical code. We are founded on a love and passion for games, recognizing that there are ways to create games responsibly without sacrificing player engagement or sustainable monetization. We believe the core of the relationship between designer and player should be built on trust and respect. We loathe dark game design patterns and seek to prove that success can be achieved without employing systems that only benefit the designer. From our design, to our community focus, and even monetization, we put the player's positive experience at the forefront.


It isn't easy to responsibly engage a player, and not all dark patterns are evil when employed responsibly. Our prime concern is ensuring that a player doesn't feel they have to return to a game or else suffer negative consequences.

In a persistent multiplayer environment, this may be impossible to achieve: the reality is that participation may be required to keep your character alive and engaged. We think it's fair to say that a player should log into a character once every 24 hours: one check-in per day for multiplayer games. We expect to always offer Vacation Mode if you'll be away from the game for a while.

Singleplayer is simpler: while we want you play and enjoy our games as often as you like, you should never come back to a spoiled state. Take our launch title Bean Grower as an example. When your beans are ready, they sit in the plot until you return to harvest them. They don't rot or lose value. We also won't employ arbitrary time-gates unless they are core to the game design.

There are many additional points to be made here, but for brevity's sake, check out the Dark Patterns website for a list of things we're well aware of and try to avoid!


We champion community and positive player-to-player interaction. Developers regularly interact with players via our Discord, and can be reached privately if needed. We take an empathetic approach to moderation both in-game and in the community; we have strict anti-ban policies and prefer temporary sanctions if we cannot resolve the issue.


Generally, we're into one-time purchases for singleplayer games and affordable ($3-$5) subscriptions for multiplayer games. Subscriptions are bought outright and re-upped at your discretion: there is no auto-renewal process. We have no respect for pay2win models and eschew them entirely.

We will never litter our games with ads nor enforce interstitial advertisements after completion of a game loop. You should never have to stop playing so that you can be sold something!

We've created a universal currency which can be used across all games. Here's what it buying premium currency looks like in The Orbium: we let the player choose how much they need, and make the cost clear to them in popular currencies with day-of conversion rates.

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